Vision Statement and Objectives

The Neighbourhood Plan vision statement and objectives were presented to the public in two open meetings on the 2nd and 5th October 2019. One piece of feedback was received during these meetings and the objectives have been updated to include this.

Vision Statement

The protection of our landscape, environment and heritage, balanced with sensitive development, is fundamental to our vision of Stisted; enhancing the quality of life for all residents now and in the future.


Environment and Landscape

  • To maintain the natural environment and rural tranquillity of the Parish.
  • To enhance the biodiversity of the Parish.
  • To conserve the valued rural landscape of the Parish.
  • To conserve and enhance Visually Important Spaces and Local Green Spaces.


  • To conserve and enhance the heritage of the parish.

Community Facilities

  • To promote a cohesive, supportive community.
  • To retain, enhance and encourage the use of facilities for outdoor recreation.
  • To encourage the provision of community facilities that meet the changing needs of the parish community.
  • To ensure sufficient school places to meet the needs of the Parish.
  • To investigate the provision of sufficient primary healthcare services to meet the needs of the Parish.


  • To identify  issues  to  reduce  the  risk  of  surface  water  flooding  in  the parish and  immediate surrounding  areas .
  • To take measures to ensure proper controls are applied to any development to eliminate flood risk.
  • To identify issues to eliminate the risk of sewage infiltrating into surface water systems and properties and risks of discharge into the environment.


  • To ensure that the density of new housing development is in keeping with the character of the Parish and the rural environment. 
  • That buildings are built using sustainable and eco-friendly methods and materials, and that adequate parking provision and appropriate landscaping is included.
  • To ensure that any proposed housing development is in keeping with the values and requirements of the Neighbourhood plan and that high quality, architecturally interesting and stimulating building is encouraged.
  • To ensure that alterations to existing housing in the village is of high quality and in line with the values of the neighbourhood plan.
  • To ensure that the types, quantity and size of social and affordable housing meets the changing needs of the Parish.


  • To create a safe road network that is fit for purpose.
  • To improve road safety.
  • To maintain our excellent network of footpaths.
  • To improve the provision of community transport within the Parish.

Local Economy

  • To support local business with the aim of encouraging them to remain within the parish and acknowledging the job opportunities they provide.
  • To encourage local businesses to employ staff from Stisted Parish.
  • To encourage collaboration and initiatives between local business and the Parish for the good of the community.

You can download this part of the Stisted Parish Neghbourhood Plan as a PDF here.

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