A Request for Sites

As part of the ongoing preparation of the Stisted Neighbourhood Plan, the Steering Committee would like to hear from local land owners that have areas of land within the parish of Stisted that they would be willing to put forward for consideration for future development.

Stisted Map

If you have such a piece of land and would like it to be considered for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan as a potential development site, please details of the location of the land, the size of area covered, and current use or call 0771 665 2252.

If you are not a landowner and are reading this, please rest assured that this request for sites is an integral part of the production of the Neighbourhood Plan. It facilitates an assessment of the land available for development within Stisted Parish (assuming there is land available) for possible inclusion in the plan. It does not mean that there is any planned forthcoming development for the Parish.