Design Guide

A R Urbanism were commissioned to produce The Design Guide by the Stisted Neighbourhood Plan in 2019. It comprises of two documents, a Baseline Report and the guide itself.

Stisted Design Guide – Baseline Report

The Baseline Report is a townscape analysis of the parish. It studies the physical form of the village, understanding its underlying architectural patterns and forms. This includes an appreciation of heritage, landscape, open spaces, built form, materials and streets. It also considers current development pressure in the village and the form this has taken, both in approved, withdrawn and rejected planning applications. The analysis considers the impact of smaller incremental change on the character and integrity of the village. 

You can download and read a PDF version of the Design Guide – Baseline Report by clicking here.

Stisted Design Guide

The Design Guide itself is intended to inform the general design principles and standards that development within the Parish of Stisted should follow. In short, once the Neighbourhood Plan has been approved, any subsequent developments in the parish should follow the guidelines provided by the guide.

You can download and read a PDF version of the Stisted Design Guide by clicking here.

You will required a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader (which is free) to open and view the PDF document.

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