Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is the process of identifying and describing variation in the character of the landscape. LCAs identify and explain the combination of elements and features that make landscapes distinct from one another by mapping and describing Landscape Character Types and Areas.

The results of Stisted’s LCA are to form part of the evidence base that Stisted Parish Council will use when compiling its Neighbourhood Development Plan. The study is intended to assist the Parish Council in making informed decisions as to whether any future development(s) can be appropriately absorbed into the landscape of Stisted Parish, and, if so, where, at what scale and with what associated mitigation measures, to ensure that no unacceptable effects on the landscape result and its special qualities are maintained and where possible, enhanced. 

The study takes into account the locations of ecological, heritage and recreational assets in the Parish but does not include detailed studies of these topics. A review of the existing Landscape Character Assessments and historic settlement character was undertaken as well as an assessment of landscape change using historic maps. A combination of desktop study, fieldwork and stakeholder consultation was used to identify parcels of land with common characteristics, hereafter referred to as Local Parish Landscape Character Areas (LPLCAs), within the identified study area of Stisted Parish, as agreed with the Parish Council. 

You can view the Stisted Neighbourhood Plan’s Landscape Character Assessment by clicking on the section titles below.

Landscape Character Assessment

Appendix A –  Local Parish Landscape Character Areas

Appendix B – Proformas

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